? Player Information

Player Information

When in the dungeon, you can get information on a particular player in your party by selecting the player from the right hand side of your screen, then tapping the 'Info' button in the top right hand corner of the page. When in the castle, the player information can be displayed while in the Tavern by tapping the 'Info' button next to the player's name.

Player Info

The numbers on the left represent the players 'stats', which affect the Player's ability to perform certain actions.
  • STR - This represents the Strength of the Player. This is the primary stat for a fighter type. The higher your Strength, the harder you will hit.
  • INT - This represents the Intelligence of the Player. This is the primary stat for the Mage type. The higher the Intelligence, the better you will be at casting spells.
  • WIS - This represents the Wisdom of the Player. This is the primary stat for a Priest. The higher the Wisdom, the better the Priest will be at casting spells
  • LDR - This is the Leadership of the Player. This is an important stat for a Paladin.
  • CON - This is the player's Constitution. It affects how many Hits you gain when you make level as well as your chance to make raise.
  • DEX - This is your player's Dexterity. The higher your Dexterity, the more often you will get a combat option.
  • HITS - This specifies how much damage your Player can take. The left number is your current Hits and the right number is the maximum Hits your Player has.
On the right, your level is shown followed by a second number (e.g. Level 4+0). The number that follows your level represents the number of new levels your Player has earned, but not yet received. To receive those levels, the Player must rest in the castle after his Hits have been fully restored. You may only have a maximum of two pending levels.

The AC number represents your Armor Class. The smaller this number, the less likely you will be hit by an melee attack. The type of armor you are wearing is the primary factor in determining your AC, however there are some weapons and other items that can give you AC bonuses.

The age of your Player is important. Each race has a 'maximum' age, and when your player reaches one half that age, each time he rests, he has the chance that one or more of his stats declining. The closer he is to his maximum, the faster his stats will decline.

The Magic and Priest Spell numbers show the number of spells that remain for each of the six spell levels.

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